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Eddie Hyde’s Shameless Plug

Does the world really need another podcast? A few months ago I thought it would be a good idea to create a podcast. Having listened to some of the most popular podcasts, I had a fair idea of what worked and what didn’t, so I sat down and started writing. It’s what I do.

I scripted the first few episodes, recorded one with help from a couple of friends and then sat down to listen.

It was rubbish. It sounded just like everyone else. It didn’t offer anything new.

What’s the point of that? No one needs to listen to 30 minutes of nothing.

So I sat back, looked out of the window at the rain falling for an hour or two, thought up a new idea. Something that sounded like me, not them.

Eddie Hyde’s Shameless Plug was born.

One simple idea, that’s all it is. With a bit of self promotion thrown in.

One guest. One idea that they want to share. One chance to promote themselves.

All done in under 5 minutes.

No messing around, no chitchat, no fluff