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Are your PPC ads converting?

Advertisers like you are willing to spend £50+ per click on Google or Facebook ads and hundreds of thousands each month displaying them.

Click on an ad, and more often than not you get taken to a beautifully laid out landing page, with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and no call to action, or, worse still, the home page.

The only way to win in PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is to outspend the competition. Unless you have very deep pockets, or like losing money, the only way to consistently outspend people is to outsell them.

Your Ads needs to generate more clicks.

Your Landing Pages needs to turn viewers into buyers

Your Call to Action needs to create action

What connects these three things?

Copy – Words Work

The right copy in your ad will boost clicks more than increasing the spend will.

The right copy on the landing page can help drive your conversions through the roof.

The right copy for the Call to Action can increase sales 10x

Make your copy leap off of the page today.